"This page will be dedicaded to my family for history to remember."
Some of the persons on the pictures may be named wrongly as it is more than 30 years ago that I was told whom they were. Paulo José da Graça Couto Thrige

"1972 - This is my fathers aunt Severine's 90 years birthday (?). "Front left: Paulo, Aase (my mother), Aunt Severine, Leontina (wife of Augosto). Back left: Graça (daughter of Augosto), Mário (my father), Zé (son of Augosto), Augosto (brother of Mário), Celso (brother of Mário).

"1970 - At the beach of Figuerinha da Foz just outside Setubal. From left: Mário, unknown girl, Aase, Paulo, Zé, Leontina"

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