USA winter 2007 2008

"This is San Francisco! Local Fire Department and a Cable Car going down towards Market St."

"Cable Car manual turntable."

"This is how you steer a Cable Car."

"Riding the Cable Car."

"The old tram is still going strong! Market St. and Powell St."

"Cable Cars at Powell St. between Market St. and Union Sq.!"

"Nice collection of trams. The first and last originates from Milan, Italy. Signs inside the trams are in italian."

"The tram."

"The California Oak tree. Right next to Santa Barbara train station!. This is just a f..... big tree."

"Santa Barbara train station - Amtrak runs the line."

"This is a train stop from the first original train line at Santa Barbara."

An army supply store with a nice US Army gauge1 train in Hollywood Blv., LA

"This one was inside the store - They had another one in the window."

The Ponona Grand Fair (Fairplex) where Big Boy 4014 is standing. The train museum was closed, but we could get very near.

"Paulo in front of Big Boy 4014."

"Front of Big Boy 4014."

"Big Boy 4014."

"The big tender of Big Boy 4014."

"UP D-D diesel no. 6915. This is a huge MF."

"Same goes with X9000 - It's got 12 driving wheels in the ridget frame."

The Tehachapi Loop is just a few miles from the highway exit. This is one of the greatest Must-Go railway places in USA.

"Paulo at the new Memorial plate of the Tehachapi Loop!"

"Most of the Tehachapi Loop can be seen here!"

"The new Tehachapi Loop Memorial plate."

"The old Tehachapi Loop Memorial plate."

"This is where the Tehachapi Loop crosses itself."

"And this is the loop curve just before the tunnel entrance."

"Just before the Tehachapi Loop this BNSF train came crawling up the steep slope with 5 locomotives and no wagons. What a sound they can make!"

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